#weed #smoking How to quit smoking weed and tobacco

In this video I talk about things that helped me on my journey to stop smoking for good,both weed and cigarettes. if you found this video helpful please like the …

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  1. Hooray!! I stopped smoking on Christmas Day after chain smoking for practically 35 years. Just like that. I insult myself each time I think about it. The bad smell, bad breath, anti social habits, wasting money. I also broke down why I needed it in the first place and it makes no sense. I curse and say 'You don't effing need it. I eat more fruit and vegetables, marmite and fenugreek seed water daily. mostly out of boredom. All this in 5 days. If I can do it anyone can. Seriously! Gonna treat myself each month as a reward. Getting rid of all smoking associations and deleting numbers is a true test also. Thank you.

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