1. Hey Allan I'm trying to bring life back to my front and back lawn, but this will be the 1st time since I moved into this house been living here for 5yrs but haven't done anything to the lawn but just get it cut , but here's my question what procedure do I do for my lawn in New Jersey

  2. Sustane Granulated Corn Gluten Meal 9-0-0 is very effective, ORGANIC, blended with Sustane Aerobic Compost, and works like charm – no chemicals. Also, the "9" is high nitrogen – after it dries out weed seedlings, and prevents the seeds from germinating. BTW, your Molorganite: Human Poop.

  3. Never had luck. Dumped my hopper 2 weeks ago and a 6'x6' area is basically dirt. Clover takes over my lawn and I have not had any success even with tanacity. I just let the fescue grow tall enough to not see it.😔

  4. I don’t know if you reply to old videos but I’ll give it a shot well I’m obviously new at this lawn care stuff I just spread that same SCOTT crabgrass preventer with lawn food the first week of April but I’m obviously gonna stop so what now what should I do I was thinking of applying Milorganite the last week of may and go by that recommended holiday schedule they recommend would it affect my lawn if I apply Milorganite or what you suggest I’m the Melrose Park IL by the way

  5. This is my first season at my house, the lawn and pretty much everything on the property was never really taken care of, but im slowly getting it all under control. The lawn is literally 80% weeds in the back, and maybe closer to 70% weeds in the front. Literally thousands of dandelions. Weed and feed is the most logical simplest solution to start getting it under control and then get into the higher maintainence, better result applications of doing separate with spot spraying. As with anything, you have to know when and how to use it. But to suggest this product is essentially useless and wasteful is a bit of a biased opinion and irresponsible.

  6. You obviously dont know how to use weed and feed. Each pebble contains weed and feed so therefore u want to spread it everywhere. If theres no weeds in the area then it will feed. Also you so it when the grass is wet from dew and the weeds will be covered with the product….of course the professionals dont use the weed and feed products its intended for the average joe that doesnt want to put alot of effort in the lawn but still wants results. Maybe try learning how to correctly use something before you knock it. And dont compare a regular product to professionals. Who else is here to not take advice from a guy that puts human shit in his yard.

  7. god all the fucking idiots in the comment section – did you even watch the damn video? hes not hating on Scotts, but weed and feed does pose a health risk to your neighbors and aquatic wildlife and soil biology. if you don't want weeds give your lawn a good helping of GOOD SOIL and be sure to either seed the hell out of your lawn with plain old grass seed (CHEAP AF) or over seed. even round up kicks Bermuda back a little so why poison your whole lawn? and why let dicamba drift onto your neighbors property? weed and feed is just an all around inferior product when compared to what a little bit of research and trusted lawn care specialist could do. fuck the average homeowner, I couldn't care less about making lawn care easier for them because they aren't farmers, and they collectively poison everyone around them without even realizing it – I'd rather professionals do it 100% of the time, or don't apply chemicals at all!

  8. good video! you should never apply herbicides and fertilizer at the same time. I absolutely hate having to be the asshole in the situation when I live slightly downhill from someone who uses weed and feed and have to explain that their chemicals are fucking up my gardens and pastures where I have mixed grasses and cover crops…

  9. Great info if you have a couple small patches of weeds on a small yard.
    If you have 32,000 sq. ft. front yard full of clover this is pretty much useless.
    Go with the weed and feed behind your side by side or golf cat twice a season and your yard will look fantastic.
    You can get Scotts best weed and feed (and yes it works great) at Costco for $ 32.00 for enough to do 15000 square feet which would be the same as what the spray and fertilizer method here would cost, that uses twice the labor and time involved.
    I have never seen anything written anywhere about Scotts using another companies product to do one of their lawns, it would be interesting to see the proof rather than an opinion or here say.

  10. This is the right way. To all the comments from people claiming to have large areas full of weeds, not being able to spray large areas, and how this video is wrong or dumb. First, you have a yard full of weeds. Second, backpack or pull behind sprayer.

  11. These cons are pretty silly. Number 1 doesn't even make sense. Because it's not targeted? It isn't supposed to be. Why would anything that you place down with a spreader be targeted? For Number 2, cost? The cost of people's time varies. Your math assumes that labor is free or super cheap. It's a sliding scale, on one side are people who can only afford to do it themselves, on the other are people who can only afford to pay others because their time is too valuable to do yard work. Weed and feed is for people in the middle. Number 3, of course a professional service wouldn't use the same tools they are suggesting for DIYers. They are targeting people's whose time is worth too much to do double labor but not enough to completely outsource. That's as silly as saying that you wouldn't use Fix a Flat because a professional tire shop or tow service doesn't use it.

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