1. I am very interest to watch this and learn on how to used marijuana in my practice. I was actual very much surprised and l didn't know that you like to smoke it. I wish that l could use marijuana in spell or incarnation but it could trigger my family history of mental illness..

  2. I’ve been smoking longer than I’ve been practicing as well, I love this video! I saw it pop up and immediately clicked on it. I unfortunately live in NYS where it is still illegal so that’s a total bummer and so is the fact watching you smoke while I’m completely OUT hahaha! But I loved the information you gave and I enjoyed watching this video, as I always do with your videos on TikTok. I look forward to more content from you! Blessed be! 💖

  3. Just so you know marijuana is a propaganda word that they attached to cannabis so if you are pro cannabis use and legalization I would suggest just calling it cannabis not marijuana. Love this video though I do my best work while stoned.

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