1. My brother was in a horrible car accident where he was thrown from car. He was in a coma for two weeks with severe brain injury. The doctor even here in prohibition land said he only lived because he smoked cannabis heavily and it shielded him from the worst of.

  2. UGGGGG…. Massachusetts Mandated Adult-Use Sales Suspended as of Noon, March 24th, 2020. Medical Only while supplies last….This is why EVERYONE should grow their own….Rock on DGC…Stay lifted, healthy and safe…Happy growing…

  3. Cannnabis heros The Dude, Scotty Real, Guru, J Mystro, Potsie Weeder, Kyle and the rest of the crew that make it happen. Also all the DGC'ers out there that make this world one heck of a great place to live on.
    Keeps your joints lit, your bowls full and your head held DGC high.✌👊💚💨🌞

  4. That plant where someone said "When some experiments go wrong" is a real strain from Barney's Farm called Dr. Grinspoon. It's a sativa landrace I believe with a very long flower time. It's supposedly dank stuff.

  5. Oh Scotty, you have to be high to watch the Dog show. It is very interesting. Speaking of microbes, Virus only infects people with compromised immune systems. Ever hear of Chest Boxing? Or Slap Boxing. Ever play "Corn Hole"? There is some weird games… Scotty you are still young, I am 70. Dogs watch all the time and learn. My little companion just passed after 15 yrs. His name is Gizmo, toy poodle. Peace Dudes

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