Wake & Bake America 683 Cannabis Roadside Testing, CBD & Your Doctor, Using CBD

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  1. Wow. Your in the exact same position with your insurance. My meds are thousands and im worried that they will take my insurance if i dont listen to the doc wgo wants me to quit smoking.

  2. What's up! Stoked you guys are going to the Emerald Cup this year! Unfortunately Portugal the Man played last year. This year's lineup is (from what they've announced) Protoje, Margo Price, Big Gigantic, and Gogol Bordello. Should be a fun time, none the less. Can't wait to hang with you guys! – QGrowsTheDank

  3. Scotty gotta look in to suppositories, super efficient way to ingest high doses, no high, not processed by liver. Been working great, side effects are curing hemorrhoids, hahaha

  4. Clues in that article for the draeger. It says the company points to its use in other jurisdiction. If any copper pulls this out on you, you ask them under what jurisdiction are they claiming power over you and do they have the signed agreement to which you are bound by said jurisdiction. Whatever you do, Dont give them your name or any other personal details. Record any interactions

  5. My Dr appointments were once a month!!! He said one day your doing good what ever you are doing is working!!! I Said to him i SMOKE cannabis DAILY!!!! WOOPS πŸ€” now my visits are every SIX months πŸ€πŸ€” I've got heart problems not cannabis WTF hater's.

  6. I grew up in Austin Tx born and raised till 16 but my dads job with the newspaper got him many cool perks like free tix to swsw early on at least and knew the bands and artist whom interviewed with the paper. So before Austin becomes the mainstream music capital of the world shit was organically grown music town so SRV was always cool w my parents any ways he said at the paper dime bag derail had an interview so walking into the room he walked over the table with his boots on trampled the writers shit and said β€œhow’s that for a fucking entrance” he has many stories like that I was lucky to have a cool family who loves life. Austin is not that anymore it’s California highly priced bs which drove the organic scene away for good. Big $ bands at sxsw for $1000 wristbands we got free tix first year or two but not a chance today

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