Wake & Bake America 551 Canadian Legalization, Colorado Cannabis Market

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  1. I put a post about Canadian legalization on the dude grows website. While nothing is definite, the height restriction has been removed for now. I gave a more detailed post over on the site, but if you guys want me to call in and have a chat I can do that too. I've been trying to keep up to date on all the info that we have.

  2. I just want to say , we as people forget that we only have so much time here on Earth ,and the most valuable thing we can give one another is our time (Priceless ),and you guys have given so much of your time to us ,thanks and stay high

  3. Hey Scotty I heard you talking about your grow , you know all the shit you have growing on you shouldn't be worried about a grow .
    You do so much for us with the show,bamboo farm, living microbes (Recharge )family, fuck keep some free time for yourself you have nothing to gain realy from a small garden . Your the man

  4. Check out Jason Wilcox over at Cannabis in Canada and have him on to talk about the Canadian legislation subject more in depth. He was a big part of the Canadian court case to allow medical users to grow at home and a huge advocate for cannabis in Canada. New thing now is big pharmacy chains are getting into distribution of medical cannabis products evenly killing off the medical home growers in the next 5 years. Get a hold of Jason and have him on to get a real insight on the cannabis situation. Great show rock on DGC!

  5. Cubans for sure, he's right and knows the industry heh. 11:05 . Miami no doubt. So many cubans are still being busted, there was a huge cuban national bust in Colorado and then Michigan the last few weeks. Cubans have been doing large illegal grows for so long in Miami and were painfully (in the nose) obvious about it hah

  6. I get stuff all the time from wish its all the stuff from china that is manufactured super cheap. Over there u cant pantent stuff so they sell what people have made over there on wish for the price that it is made for.

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