1. Ok so i'm confused. Very recent new listener, but where are these guys from? Listening to old shows, looks at at one time they were in same room, one time sounds like one lives in toronto, ones in florida, then colorado, and all over the map.

  2. Love your guys shows but wanted to mention cannibis lifestyle TV has some great material along with from the stash podcast are a couple others I follow side by side to the DGC!!!

  3. Hot knifing hash was the shit and was novel to me in 1980 when I was living on the central coast and had access to blonde, rouge and black cheese at the time. We used red hot butter knives and an empty paper towel roll tube as our steamroller to inhale the thick ass vapors…great memories. Another, novel to me in 1977, method of consuming hash was under glass on the tip of a pin stuck through a match book slid on top of an album…extremely tasty !!!

  4. Guru is correct. Juul and Pax were once One in the same company long long ago(think it was just under Pax) and used to actually manufacture a device called "The Pax Ploom" yeeeeaaarrrsss ago. I used to work at a headshop around that time when they released it and still have my T-shirt from when they were giving out product, however you can no longer find the Pax Ploom in America, or really anywhere online. It was a Tobacco Vape that used a little Pod type device similar to a Keurig Cup. Pretty innovative. I believe in Japan you can still find them, and Regular tobacco manufacturers produce the capsules you put in them. Pretty innovative idea tbh

    And YES Erowid.org is still around and still accepting donations. They also helped fund Alexander Shulgins funeral when he passed away.

  5. As a teenager(I'm now 44) my buddy and I used to bring a torch, knives and a Coleman burner everywhere we went haha. A cpl years back I tried a hot knife for the first time in yrs and almost died from coughing. Shit definetly has changed for the better.

  6. Ive been shapin glass/growin for 20+ years. Guru acts like he’s the authority on all things GANJA. He knows a lot buuuuuuut he also spouts a ton of erroneous info😄 its funny even with how advanced DGS is. There’s still a looong way to go. Thanks for the show!!!

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