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A full review of the Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer. This Volcano review includes features, how-to-use/tutorial, vape demo session, pros/cons, and my …


  1. That thick cloud is a terrible idea. That’s how you get COPD issues. 350° temp is the safest and tastiest temp. Then save the poo for hotter burn later on. For example: 350° 5 bags, then 375° 2-3 bags, then 420° 2-3 bags. Your mileage may very.

  2. Waiting for mine!!! THANKS For the review!!! Hoping it's going to help me with pain associated with multiple sclerosis and not be as bad for my health as bongs are!!! Excited!!🎁🤣😂

  3. The Volcano is a great vaporizer without a doubt. Personally it's expensive and I'm not big on the huge bags. Great for a small group but by yourself it's just to much for me personally. Now I prefer my Arizer Air as it's compact, can take it almost anywhere and I think the taste of the "product" is better with it.

  4. The classic is better than the digital model. It is less of a fiddle increase to the vaping temperature using the knob. Storz & Bickle recommend that you increase the temperature setting after filling every bag. This ensures you vaporize all the all the resin in your herb. If you are vaping at a set temperature you are wasting a lot of good weed. If you can get high on the duff you discard after vaping you are not using the machine correctly. Use the temperature setting to control the density of vapour and increase it after every bag. This is a very efficient way of consuming weed, it will last much loner and get you higher than you would from smokingit. This is a great vape.

  5. is the fan noise of the volcano a lot louder than the extreme q? or is it like fan speed 3 of the extreme q? i want to buy one, but i don't like noisy stuff. Thank you for your great work.

  6. I ve had my Volcano for a few weeks now but I was never able to get anywhere near the smoke density you reached at 5.30. Any chance you could let me know which herb and the quantity that was used? Or any other tips to get there?

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