1. I smoked this pen and the high is nice but no matter we’re I get a cartridge it still does the same thing hurt my lungs and now I got a chronic cough from this I’m in Michigan it s 100 %legal but maybe the shit in the liquid is wrong or not tested as of yet smoked pen for a week and u will feel like u are short of breath and u gain a smoker cough
    Now 😷 and I only smoke weed

  2. So wait, if I'm turning my vape up to like 210 degrees celcius, I get visible clouds. Is that vapor or smoke? Arond 190 c I stop seeing visible clouds, I'm just curious.

  3. Lies, marajuana smoke does not contain harmful "cancer causing" chemicals. Cannabis is literally a plant that has been dried, Tobacco, however, is grown in soil that has a noticeably harmful radioactive signature, is sprayed daily with harmful growth chemicals which are known to cause cancer, soaked in more harmful chemicals and then dried and sold. So you go ahead and decide which is better for you. Oh, and not to mention tars, cannabis tar can be naturally removed and dissolved by the body, unlike tobacco tar

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