1. Well, well, well how turntables. Now he is sponsored by cleaning products with essential oils.

    Nothing against it in actuality. Essential oils are great. Just problem with people who treats them like it's miracle medicine or something.

  2. yalangalang oil?! haha. just like to say try edengardens. com has reasonably priced oils with free shipping. i found this funny. essential oils dont 'change' my life dramatially. i like fragrance in my house. and they are different than candles. also, i soak in a muscle relaxing one and that helps. but i don't use very much, not so expensive and no MLMs.

  3. I use Methamphetamine to overcome my Methamphetamine addiction. It helped me so much! Now everyday I use that meth and I feel so much better! There’s barely any creepy crawlers on my neck!

  4. There is one advantage to these essential oils. I live in Utah, which is the "lotions and potions" capital of the world. doTERRA and Young living are both headquartered here. When they have their conventions and I drive all those people around, my car smells really good for a long time.

  5. Haha! I love this! So many people act like essential oils are magic and can cure/do anything, but they just can't. They are not a replacement for actual medicine, they don't make germs or ghosts go away, and the only thing they do is drain your pocket.

  6. I use a specific all natural essential oil at work to help me move tons of freight from the warehouse to consignees all over the state. It is called ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, and the International automatic 40-footer that I drive loves getting topped off on it.

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