Update 6 Comparison grow: MaxiGrow VS MasterBlend Hydroponic Nutrients. HARVEST!

LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE Update 6 – Harvest time. Checking out how the comparison grow is coming in the new setup for my Kratky non circulating …


  1. I think you will do great in the small totes with the little gems. Heck you may get 6 little gems in them!

    It really looks like the ice burg lettuce does not do well in there. But it all eats the same!

    Thanks for sharing brother!

    Gro Dat!!

  2. To my eye ….It was drinking the water but not taking up nutrition…..hence high E.C….. ph fluctuations will always occur and needs to occur … as long as it's fluctuations remain within your desired range uptake will continue…. also I find my ph device needs re calibration about every month…and if it's off nothing is going work right …. I always keep die drops around for verification when I'm wondering…… this is very interesting Jeff….that cucumber is a trip…..like….whaaaaaaaat ?
    Let's grow something buddy….Masshole is diggin it ✌😎✌

  3. Good info!! Yeah it seems the more you keep watch and monitor it will reap benefits! You absolutely showed though that if you don’t you can certainly grow edible lettuce! That PH is so important to stay on top of though for sure

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