UK OUTDOOR GUERILLA GROW MONSTER 2020. Outdoor warrior style (the ace rimmer garden)

Episode 7 in my photoperiod garden for 2020 The rain was awful and was a massive struggle to finish, however o did good and this is the end result of the …


  1. Hey bro! I was just wondering if you wash your weed because I watched a video of an outdoor harvest where they washed it, and the hidden stuff that came off was fucking disgusting.

  2. Yes plz to free Give away mate I have been following you for the last yea or more now and wow ur tips and outdoor grows are amazing keep it up 💪💪how do I enter lol 🙏🤞🤞

  3. Plz can we see what the weed looks like when harvested, I’m very intrigued, do you make hash or edibles or something because surely this isn’t to strong ?

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