Turpentine – An Alternative Treatment For Cancer And Other Diseases

Turpentine is an amazing alternative treatment for cancer and other diseases. Most people associate turpentine with paint because it’s used as a solvent and …


  1. Thank you for this information. What do you think of taking turpentine with blackstrap molasses? I began drinking it with the molasses for over a year now to balance my iron and to determine it's benefits. I started off using 1tsp once daily for about 3 months. I now take breaks and use when I'm compelled to, which is a few weeks on a month off, and so on. My experience taking it has been very pleasant; just an overall feeling of balanced energy and good health.

  2. yes, tried it myself and had yet another "aha" moment ever since I tried chlorine dioxide 4 years ago. Turpentine works differently than MMS and is stronger. Where MMS vanishes in the body quickly, turpentine gives you a strong long lasting curing effect. For flu symptoms I would still use MMS and for any other serious infection I choose turpentine. MMS stimulates your energy better where as turpentine sort of delivers a knockout punch at any bad bacteria.

  3. ive just found out ive got bowel and liver metast, awaiting surgery etc, terrified of chemo and looking for water oxyygen and other ways, this sounds mad but wow, interested, thanks for info

  4. Dr. Jennifer Daniels
    for taking on such a sensitive subject and how she did it herself treating herself with it
    self diagnosis.

    She took on the whole medical science of healing and she moved out of the country because of it .
    she’s. lives down in Panama

  5. Very good presentation! Everyone, please listen closely and research further extensively and start slowly as said here. Dr Witort and Dr Daniels and facebook groups are other sources of information and testimonials.
    I personally add freshly grated ginger, castor oil, a tad of honey and no white sugar and drink it down with lukewarm water. It works very nicely!
    Honey has been used as a carrier with nigella sativa and aloe arborescens (father Romano Zago) to heal cancer and other diseases of toxicity and deficiency for centuries!
    Research, trust Nature and be well!

  6. Nice video Holly. You might want to look at my urine blog and my urine video at http://www.jakeamesmd.com. Also, read the book I copied on kerosene in my blogs. Kerosene also kills cancer. When patients have cancer, they need to be doing many protocols. I list many protocols on my website.

  7. IMPORTANT: Does anyone have the recipe for a TURPENTINE REMEDY that cures cancer please? I believe it is the bark? leaves? or branches? of the Turpentine Tree that are brought to boil and simmered for a day that creates the remedy. I was given the remedy by a friend, made locally by an Aboriginal person I had never met, from the turpentine tree in Northern NSW, when I was first diagnosed with Large Cell Carcinoma in 2004. I drank a spoonful at a time of this totally disgusting tasting remedy before going thru CT scan a few days later. No primary cancer ever showed up on my scans. I also took 250ml of pure Colloidal Silver (not hormone type used by some manufacturers) with equal parts of water and drank it all at once (and did not go blue). I do not know if either or both these remedies above worked or if I just have a tremendously wonderful system that cured my own cancer. Perhaps the cancer was too small to detect in first 5 years of going thru so many machines. I have been in remission for 15 years now, from 2004-2019. My original cancer cells were retested with newer methods in 2009 and still came back as positive. So this was not a lab mistake and I did originally have cancer. I am one of 4 patients in Australia (according to my specialist) who has survived until now without chemo or radiation as primary cancer was never found. Secondary cancer was removed surgically from lymph nodes under arm. I now have a relative with prostate cancer and want to make this remedy, Does anyone have the recipe for the TURPENTINE TREE remedy please? Can anyone helps please? Many thanks, Judy Garland, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia.

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