1. Great video overall, but it is not accurate to say that it is a "false positive" as the test actually detect the substance it is suppose to detect. A real false positive would be a test turning positive when the substance tested is totally absent from the sample.

  2. Ur not tricking the test … ur failing it … now the video to make is how to not fail a drug test … u would get a billion views…. and when u have to take a drug test its usually for a job or because of an accident… so even tho u didn't do the drug u fail … and either don't get the job … lose ur job … or get to go to jail … wtf ! And most companies are goin to oral swabs so try that one next …

  3. Drug testing as currently implemented as a component of the drug war is unethical and no medical practitioner can participate in it in good conscience.
    At the minimum, no test results may be communicated to the authorities, employers or family even with consent of the testee as this consent is usually coerced.

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