Trib Talk: Moving to Colorado for medical marijuana

Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use last year, but medical use of cannabis has been lawful in the state since 2000. The medicinal use of marijuana …


  1. Me and my family are attempting to move to nevada. I went for vacation and had 0 pain for the first time in 4 years. Last year i almost took my life from pain and no hope and now i know i can live again

  2. I would def.offer it to my family and friends .I someone who has seen first hand what u f d a drugs has done to my family and friends .so most def.would offer marijuana

  3. Parent's are not pushing the boundaries of science! Cannabis has been proven to treat many many ailments for nearly 40 years now in the western world and for 10,000 years in China. Parent's are pushed out of their home states to find relief for their children's conditions because of bigoted ignorance towards cannabis medicine. In my opinion there should be mass class action law suits against the states who won't allow ill patients to receive cannabis medication and force these families to uproot their lives and move across the country.

  4. You could just exchange your driver license for a Californian one, explaining your intentions to the inspector, and then get inspected by a doctor! Get a card, and it'll have your state's information!

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