1. Hi, I’m 24, 5’6” 150lb i smoked for a week straight once a day some days twice a day. I stopped smoking 9 days ago. I am very active I Go for runs and I sweat a lot. I just ordered my 3 day program. My test is not until 2 more weeks. Would I be fine with the 3 day program?

  2. This detox program will have THC permanently removed from my system unless I start using again correct? Because I’ve made a very big choice on where I want to stop at where I want it completely out of my system and not have to worry about a drug test so that’s why I’m doing this early and want to know more if you can please help me on this I would really appreciate it

  3. Typically Smoke 1-2 a day, 5’9 @ 170 lbs. workout every other day, eat relatively healthy, mostly consume water on a day by day basis. Average metabolism. My test is on August 5th and the 10 day toxin rid program is due to arrive tomorrow, so in a perfect world my first day on the detox should be the 24th of July. The last time I smoked was early this morning. Do you think I will have a good chance at passing the test? If not, what would you recommend?

  4. Hi I have a urine test in 10 days. I will start the 2 day detox in 5 days. I haven't smoked in the last 7 days but before that I used to smoke once a day. I used to smoke from an apple bong so I wasn't consuming much but the weed was good and THC high. When I give the test I will not have smoked for 17 days. I weigh 210 pounds and my metabolism is good. Do you think the 2 day program will help me pass the test?

  5. Hi. I’m a heavy smoker and use good quality weed. And edibles. I’ve stopped for 37 days now, and still piss positive. I’ve been working out regularly sweat a lot. I’m trying to decide between the 7 and the 10 day considering I’ve stopped for that long. I’d figure that if I had just just stopped a couple of days ago, then most likely I’d use the 10 day program. What are thoughts/suggestions?

  6. Hello John. My name is luis. So basically. I’m a heavy smoker. I smoke dabs and good weed daily. I always stop a month before my drug test so I can pass. And usually whatever detox I take or certo in the last situation. Works. But I kind of went overboard this time. And I’m thinking about purchasing this item. It’s November 20th today. And my drug test is December 14th-15th. What do you recommend I should do and how many days of the product should I buy. Please let me know whenever you can. Thank you for the video by the way. Very informational.

  7. Hi John, Thanks for the helpful video.

    I use to be a heavy weed smoker for around 4 years (3 times a day, always flour never wax or edibles). i stopped smoking heavily a while ago (around January 1st 2019 so its been a while) however from Jan 1st 2019 to September 2019 i would smoke probably once a month (so i would consider this occasional smoking?). this month of October, last week i smoked on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on October 21st to 24th, (1 session per day) in small dosages however it was a consistent 4 days straight. I have been smoke free after that (and today is monday october 28th so i have been 4 days clean). I have a pee test anywhere from 2-3 weeks (not sure, as they have not confirmed which date yet). I am 5''10 and i weight around 190 and would consider myself overweight. I don't exercise and my diet hasn't been good lately. I would say my metabolism isnt that good. I would love your advice or input. Also, is there a specific home drug test kit that you recommend that is reliable? I looked on amazon and some cost $15 with 4 star reviews, however i always read the 1 star reviews and they always say "dont waste your time and money on this, it doesnt work". I read the other comments and you recommended the ones from Walgreen, but are those even reliable?

    I would love your advice and input on how fast it will take to clear my system. Also does smoking cigarettes drastically harm my chances? I am addicted to nicotine so cutting cigarettes out would be extremely hard, but i can change my eating diet easily.

    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!

  8. I’m 5’8 and weigh about 180 pounds. I only want to smoke on the weekends however my job do drug test randomly but not frequently . Which rid toxin program is best for me ?

  9. I started back smoking almost 2 months ago. Daily smoker, high grade bud. But before I started back it was roughly 3 years since I smoked. I’m 11 days clean and just ordered the 5 day detox kit. Should have a urine test in about a week from now. What you think?

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