Topping & Pinching – Marijuana Training Techniques

Learn how to train your marijuana plants through the topping and pinching techniques. High-Stress training techniques for your marijuana plants. Lesson …


  1. You actually can pinch the top of the bud during flower let it be more late flower stage after you got almost an inch worth of a main cola barely pinch the top of it and it’ll give your nugs more density and they will grow to be more fat and chunky nuggets instead of skinny and long

  2. I NEED HELP: so I am growing my first plant and it’s been going okay but not really how I expected. It didn’t really sprout a lot of leaves or anything but instead grew extremely leggy and tall, is this a bad thing ?

    Also I left my plant under its light while I was gone for a few days, I come home to find my plant had grown and was touching the light and now some of them are crispy and yellowish in spots, actually most of them are :/ is it gonna die or is there anything I can do to help it ?

  3. I thought topping and pinching achieved the same thing and are the same thing done with scissors and the other with fingers..but achived the exact samr result…🤤 such easy processors and six videos in and im out for now…

  4. I do low stress training but no way in hell will i pinch the biggest densest best bud off my plant before it grows ,,i get plenty of weight with the low stress training

  5. Good lord you don't need training to grow weed.

    Good grief people making money on training. Wow people are stupid to fall for this .

    You don't train to grow a garden same thing. Ugh.

  6. Topping also causes the auxiliary branches to grow faster which is why I top before I bend and secure because the auxiliary branches need to gain length so I don't have to bend it so far. In other words 5 nodes is too far along. The plant's top gets too much taller than the auxiliary branches in order to safely bend to level the top

  7. If you want your bud to be best… on flower stage ie I used a HP light and on the last 2/3weeks I added a MH light to it and damn it made a difference. If your growing the same strain try it with one half of the batch and it will show you the different from the end products 👊🏆

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