1. My suggestion for operating your own personal grow would be to keep a calendar so you can keep track of certain events like watering and seed germination and other important aspects of your grow like when switching to flower. You could double check information as you go.

  2. What happens if you don't know your genetics analysts say your nephew gave you a Jar full of seeds and I'd love to send you pictures and show you what these ladies look like I planted 12 are the jar so far and all 12 came out female

  3. Harder to find good genetics? Are you kidding me? There has never been a better time to buy top shelf strains. At least in my state. Like every dispo has quality seeds.

  4. hello wanted your opinion im a newbie and i decided to use tps one (1 part solution)it has alot of microbes in it so do you still think i need great white and i also have massive 123 formulation as my bloom booster i got so confused on nutes and bloom boosters lol that i just settled on these i do have silica and cal mag what do you think?

  5. Brother did you pull that big nanner on that plant?at 9.47 there is a big nanner poking through the top of the cola.

    Love your break down in this video.
    You got a knack for it.

  6. Have you ever tried raising your Temps after you switched to led? Iโ€™ve heard from a few different people that when you using leds u should raise the temps into the low 80s. Have you heard this?

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