Three Stocks Will Make Me "$ Millions $" In Three Years.

If you could only own three stocks for the next three years what would you own? Welcome back, tribe members! Today I’m discussing “Three Stocks Will Make …


  1. nah..first of all 2020 profits you cannot compare or anticipate that the same profits will be in 2021. in 2020 You could truly 10x at least your portfolio because of the Pandemic their was huge opportunities. in 2021 we will not have the same opportunities unless their will be a crash… and under this new administration the market will be a lot thougher.. because of the more regulations and tax burdens…only thing you can count on pretty much is ev/solar stuff… also all disruptive techs will be hot but due to all the taxes and economical burdens it will not be nearly as good as it was under previous administration. and most people are not afraid of the covid, its basicly cold… the death numbers are incorrect for covid because their is 0zero death for 2020 for cold deaths, so where are they-everything was switched to covid deaths because of the massive corruption.The research was conducted 2015-2020 and theire was nearly same number of cold deaths for all those years except for 2020 ZERO deaths for could that be one should ask…well everything was switched to covid deaths and even people dying from cancer and car accidents most of them are counted as covid death… so here we go with the big corrupted agenda. Also covid tests were given to a Coca-Cola drink and Orange fruit and both are tested Covid positive! get the point!!

  2. Kerry you should try Inner Engineering by Sadguru it will cure most of your health problems, I did not spend a Dime on it, I just got myself enrolled in his Inner Engineering program Online for Free when he offered it, I dedicated myself to it and did the Yoga practices that Sadguru taught, I got my Diabetes under control without even taking a single pill and I check my levels every week, In my life I decided to never put external medicines into my system to do the balancing activity.

  3. Hebrews 2:14-16

    Contemporary English Version

    14 We are people of flesh and blood. That is why Jesus became one of us. He died to destroy the devil, who had power over death. 15 But he also died to rescue all of us who live each day in fear of dying.

  4. I m just surprised that pharmaceutical drug dealers let the genome editing and sequence happen. Cause it will not be good for selling their drugs. If people are healthy and will live longer who they gonna sell their drugs to. If u can explain that part Kerry. I do love your channel as your integrity reminds me of my father whom I miss a lot. Thx again.

  5. Nanox imaging could be a more practical solution in the near future to curing cancer through early detection and cheap medical imaging. Bought in at ipo date and sold around 60 dollars, wish I would’ve kept to ride the Ark hype wave right now

  6. I have died before and I know there is no "death" one more thing on "curing" people: big pharma does not want to cure any disease you may have. Curing people is not profitable and that's why do pursue symptomatic treatment. Treatment not cure. And if anybody comes up with something that "cures" something they will kill it.

  7. The health care system is a sick care system. Why would they use genomics and cure diseases. Why would they lose customers. When did they actually cured anything?

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