The Weekly Chantal: The Health Crisis and Christmas | This is Why You Need To Stay Home

Disclaimer: Please do not direct any hate towards the people I discuss. Not for any reason. If you have a critique, please think if you would feel comfortable …


  1. As always loveld video. Only have a problem with you saying that one meal will not kill her. Her blood sugar is at 16 and 15 when she has not eaten or is starting to eat. That's insane. She can just drop with a blood sugar this high alone and we know there is no much more wrong with her body. She has nosebleeds because her blood thinner is so high that if she falls down in the mess that is her home because of her blood sugar she is done. She will bleed to death in minutes and Peetz will not be able to do anything to help her. So from the moment she was made aware of her blood sugar she should have stopped the carb feasting every few hours and she has not.

  2. I'm sorry but I have to say something about her and others thinking they can visit family/ friends when our government has said absolutely not…stay home with members of your immediate household. I live in Canada so I pretty much got the same memo she did. I can't see my mother with dementia who is spending her first Christmas in the hospital and I have to hear her crying everyday that I don't care..that I locked her up and now she's all alone. She forgets there is a pandemic…she only knows she's scared. I wanted to drop off a present for her along with some personal care items she's run out of and a cell phone so she can call me whenever she wants. They were accepting drop offs at the ER or admitting but that got cancelled. The nurse told me that they have had to be absolutely rigid in this because ….in his words… people still don't get it and are doing whatever they want and the virus is completely out of control. I've been heartbroken over my mother. Then I got a call from my oldest daughter's fiance, telling me that my daughter has had him drive out to the venue where they are supposed to be married in September this year and sat in the car and broke down and cried. My daughter is one of the strongest women I know and hearing that basically tore what was left of my heart to shreds. I have talked to her about this…she is holding herself together as best she can …her wedding day is so completely out of her control, her Nana is in the hospital as I said above and she does know that I'm having some health issues investigated as well. What does she want people to do?? What do I want people to do?? What should Chantal do?? Stay The Hell Home!!! Sorry for venting Jasmine. I totally understand if you delete my comment and will always remain a strong supporter regardless. I do love your work and hope you have a restful break. ❤️❤️

  3. All your ideas for Chantal and Amber are great. The problem is laziness. They are lazy. They don’t clean, really cook or have the discipline to engage in the most basic of hobbies. Yet she is excited for a PS5 …. A mindless sit-down "activity" one can uselessly spend hours on ad nauseum and spend $$$ on mindless games🙄. Money that could be better spent on therapy and a nutrition or exercise coach. Those are her priorities with blood sugars that are off the charts

  4. Hard relate to the hoodie life. I have a black Hannibal one that says "Hannibal" in lil organs on the back. It was a whopping $8 second hand (and movie merch starts at $25 for hoodies but Hannibal was huge so may have been more originally). It too is too big, but great for Canada cause ya can layer under it.

  5. You got the Mandalorian palette too! 🙂 I love it! I'd say it's one of my favorites but I uh, only have 4 LOL. I've never much been into makeup until lately. 🙂

  6. The smoothie was probably really high in sugar, but …. ummm … that smoothie is really good. This is why Chantal is never going to lose a significant amount of weight or heal her many medical issues. 🙄

  7. Her long and BORING 2.5 hr live video – I'll sum up for you

    1. She finally got a Penningtons shirt that might fit her in a 5x from her mom and FYI that is a size 32 **someone pointed out I forgot to mention she said Torrid "is running small lately", torrid goes up to a size 30! which is their 6x!! (Also so glad that she is still on antibiotics for c-diff and is exposing her entire family to a highly contagious bacterial infection that requires three weeks quarantine with antibiotic treatment)

    2. Someone paid $5 in the chat to ask her on a date (I wonder who she asked ahead of time to do this for her)

    3.She admits she has been binge eating still and tries to excuse it by saying it is less frequently

    She admits she is on "deaths door" but states the eating disorder is still making her do the binging (remember this entire summer where she ranted and raved that she does not have an eating disorder?? that was fun)

    4.She laughs so hard at a compilation video of her own farting that she gets a nose bleed (start at 1 hr 26 min marker)

    5. She and Bibi wished each other a Merry Christmas (despite him being Muslim??)

    6.Peetz implores any viewers to send her a bidet and I quote "for her deep butt hole" (clearly he is tired of wiping her)

    7.She looks intoxicated to some degree based on very red and glassy eyes. She does the usual rambling nonsense for 2 and a half hours and as always breathes like she ran a mile before turning the camera on

    2:04:32 she starts playing with her double chins and it is mesmerizing

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