The Weednerd Rebirth Ep. 4 – Learning to breed DANK Cannabis w/ Subcool (Remastered)

In this killer episode we see Subcool buffed out talking about breeding dank cannabis. This is an episode that you really don’t want to miss. Long live our friend …


  1. Interesting on recessive males… I bread a strain I was working on and one of the males in one of the rooms was full bloom but produced female clayx and crystals.. so that would make it a recessive male not a herm male??? I never popped the beans ciz I figured those were herm seeds…. I might try popping them to soo if increse potency with no herm…

  2. For all you up and coming master growers in the cannabis industry. This series is where you start. UNIVERSITY WILL IMMEDIATELY SEND YOU 20 YEARS INTO THE PAST – and you'll be better suited for Hemp.

    I will not hire or work with anyone but Weed Nerds. DGC need not apply.

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