The Psychology Trick That Helps Lower Your Scores | Nick Faldo's Mental Training

Don’t let February be the month in which your New Year’s resolutions start to slip away! To help maintain motivation, Sir Nick will be sharing a taste of his …


  1. Great stuff here nick and kjell….."see it, believe it, achieve it" Ernest Jones, Manuel de la Torre, Moe Norman, Shawn Clemment, and many others applied/apply these very same principals! Far too much emphasis in teaching golf has been focused on what the body should be doing and look like this or that, along with what the clubs position is, rather than remaining focused on the task at hand, swinging a club in a focused line of direction that the ball just so happens to be in the way of (on same line)….love how Moe Norman used to say and see things, "no bad shots in my bag, only fairways and greens" and how he felt he was the only man alive that swung through the course, not around it."
    The body knows what to do and how to accomplish the "task" at hand and will do so as soon as we allow that to happen, as it naturally does whenever walking, talking, swinging a hammer, an axe, baseball bat, tennis racquet, ect….how many of those ordinary 'tasks" we do daily do any of us actually focus on each and every part of how our bodies get them done?
    Just found your channel and subscribed…off to checkout what you and bryson get on about in the videos I see here in the sidebar!
    Thanks for everything you continue to do.

  2. Love this nick. Read about kjell in your book and he has really helped me. Even though I am 13 you are my biggest golfing inspiration and love your great videos

  3. this is really good. Like I've read some philosophy books that have a very similiar message. The imagination has benefits and negatives to watch out for, but one of the benefits is to synthesize memories, information, etc. and develop a more well rounded view of reality. If someone is really good at certain holes then they should be able to use some imagination to relate all holes to those ones.

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