The King of Cannabis – Best Marijuana Documentary – Cannabis Evolution Documentary

The King of Cannabis – Best Marijuana Documentary – Cannabis Evolution Documentary Watch this amazing cannabis documentary. Weed is widely regarded …


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  2. A link to a short EDUCATIONAL film produced in 1943, by the US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE to promote the use of HEMP, A VITAL RESOURCE FOR THE WAR EFFORT. The US Department of Agriculture produced this video to encourage American farmers to grow hemp as part of their patriotic duty during the II World War.

  3. Hahahaha this is like the reefer madness movies. Scare tactics against a natural medicine. Ridiculous!! Talk to alcohol producers, tobacco producers, legal opiate producers. All of them keeping the human race under their thumb via the government.

  4. this is hilarious XD cannabis has literally saved lives including my own. Making a drug war for money gain and trying to demonize it through these documentaries is utterly disturbing and disgusting. All while they push mind altering anti depressants/anxiety pills, and alcohol on you. . LMFAO.

  5. just another story trying to demonize weed. i dont think weed is bad. i think bad people can get ahold of it and smoke it and they are very visible. those same people tend to drink and party and do many other drugs as well. as for growers? anything you outlaw that people wanna buy is gonna have a black market. outlaw water and you will see black markets for water crop up over night. you will see people constructing illegal rain collectors. its a silly example but its true. anything you outlaw that can be made by people, will be made and sold on the down low. supply and demand dont stop just because you say "you cant do that" that is never the plants problem, thats a social issue.

    one thing police can also do to fight the market is stop destroying stuff they seize. they can have lab sersonel come in and test and verify all the plants, then finish the crop off and sell it. the more they destroy the higher prices go, the more people wanna sell. if they are selling what they take the prices drop and the funds can be put into the governments general budget to be spent on all expenses. never ever put the funds into police budgets.. ever… ever. ever. this causes police to police for profit. its horrible and it happen in the usa right now.

  6. The UK is absolutely retarded โ€œskunkโ€ for one sorry what is that, also the way they speak about cannabis is crazy you fuckin idiots need to give your head a shake! Also if your kid is going that crazy itโ€™s not cause of cannabis maybe it sped up the process but mental health issues HAVE to be there before

  7. Skunk is nothing more than a strain bred in the late 70s, the UK is LITERALLY the only country that hijacked the name to use it as a moniker for this mythical mind stealing propaganda weed which The Sun loves to feature. I even watched a documentary on the BBC the other day which claimed that weed (or skunk as they referred to it as, bless them) was stronger than Hash concentrates! It was that moment that I'd realised disingenuous propaganda has crossed the line into pure fiction and lies. Unless it's been majoritly cut with another substance REAL Hash will always be stronger than weed, Hash is the result of collecting the plants trichomes (where the thc is contained) into one substance….hence the word concentrate is also used to describe Hash…'s concentrated weed basically. Also Skunk No. 1 is the very strain used by GW pharmaceuticals to produce Sativex and other similar cannabis derived medicines! So if Skunk is so dangerous why use it as the main strain to make their medicine! (As opposed to another one of the thousands of strains available) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ The UK is so backward with Cannabis its unreal.

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