The Importance of Proper PH – Cannabis Grow Guide Week 5

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  1. Water pump non submersible from Amazon:

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  2. You guys all make it seem like you gotta go by this $100 Ph pen this $100 water filter so it's like 200$ + when you can just get bottle water that's ph levels are as high if not higher than what you need at the market and what a case of water goes for maybe 2.99 that case of water will water your plants for I don't know maybe a month a little less !

  3. What i would like to see like ALOT is just 1 small grower that is growing in a outside shed like i am(fully insulated with vapor barrier but open foundation) so i run into issues that house growers do not!

  4. I'm not sure if you got those seeds from seedsman or not but anytime I've had a problem with a seed I have been 100% satisfied with their customer service and how they took care of the problem I won't even venture out to try other seed companies just on how well seedsman treats me and how quick now they get the shipping out 3 to 5 days

  5. hello from seed to stoned.
    I am a new subscriber and i wanted to say that you're doing an amazing job !! for the plants but not only. Your videos are great !! music, effects, time lapses , your voice , explanations, recording angles…. keep going !! it is an inspiration for me as i am trying to reach the same kind of vidéos in french because i am belgian. I have two questions for you if you don't mind answering them.

    when u flush your ladies aren't you afraid of overwatering your plants ?
    how long did your plants took to get their soil "dry" ?


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