The Importance of Good Cannabis Genetics (EP91)

The Importance of Good Cannabis Genetics. Hey guys, this week we really wanted to reach out to a lot of you all and give some info. We were lucky to be …


  1. I would recommend MarijuanaSA to anybody looking to buy seeds. I bought seeds that had 2 duds and as per their policy they sorted me out with some more seeds💪🏼💯🍁

  2. Nice one guys! Genetics really makes a massive difference in your growing game… Anyone that's grown bagseed or unknown seeds compared to reputable brands will definitely see the difference. Happy growing! 💚🔥😎🙌

  3. Hi guys, I bought 5 Gorilla Glue seeds from you recently and they are the worst performers I have – I suspect that your suppliers are sending you junk, please have a look into this. This is definitely not good genetics.

  4. Can you please do a show about the seed company's that are currently available to the south African Market like president seeds, simba seeds, garden root genetics vs the international brand's like dutch passion, Humboldt seed company.

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