1. The plant kingdom is reaching out to us, to CONNECT with us. It's survival is dependent on having a sustainable planet to nourish them. We are so dominant a species we are harming the mother. Cannabis is her response, which calms and slows down this dominant and aggressive presence called human. Pull us back from dangerous territory, like a child darting out into traffic as their parent is triggered into an instinctual rescue response.

  2. pretty sure fugus (ala Stamets research) is both our and cannabis parents from how they behave socially/competitively/virally, and we and cannabis coevolved each other pre/post speciation, thus the seeming 'dialog' with it over time, and our future selves it seems to unlocks through inspiration/meditation.

  3. i got to say i know what he is saying about just be standing beside a plant ,this one in particular ,you feel its there if you dont even see it you can tell its there,i have had this on me or to happen to me so yea hes good and hes so right.

  4. Say man, love your knowledge of this plant and of Hash. What was the name of the Hash Makers Club you started? My wife is very interested. Thanks for your support of the Cannabis plant and to teaching the art of Hash Making. You truly are a representative of true Cannabis Culture. Keep it up Sir!

  5. love this video. i wish i was there. i feel the same way it has a spiritual connection so powerful that being near is makes us aware of it even if we dont know it we can feel it. .

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