The Facts About Marijuana

Incase you didn’t know, society has brainwashed all of you into thinking Marijuana is a drug, when it’s not. Yes, it alters you. No, it’s not a drug. Loratab, Xanax …


  1. tell me the defenition of a drug, that is at first how addicted it is, and second how bad it is for your body, but if you eat pure weed then you can never die from it. only with tabac and then smoking it, you can get lungcancer but a sigaret is legal
    So now there is no reason to call it a drug but the gonverment thinks it's bad for the rich people their money, and the wood industry who makes paper and rope can be taken by the weed industry who makes better and cheaper products. so the wood industry pay the gonverment a lot of money if they make it illegal.

  2. So I was reading the notes under the video and read that Resin "can't" stick to our lungs???

    Is this true? It sticks to near anything else, including making bongs almost black, dirty and sticky on the inside when not cleaned? Could anyone shed some more light. I always thought it stuck to our lungs like resin/tar from cigarettes. Even though I don't smoke ciggs, I definitely breath heavier when jogging after a day or 2 of heavy smoking of the herb so it definitely affects the lungs somehow. Also noticed after quitting that it takes about 2 or 3 days of jogging to get my lungs clear again.

    Definitely don't agree that it does nothing harmful to our bodies but I do believe it is relatively safe when compared to other accepted chemicals we ingest…..and don't agree with TOM that less people are exposed to MJ therefore its less harmfull????….its probably the most "in-demand" plant on the planet. People just don't like to disclose that they use it.

  3. There is not one accountable death recorded on the history of excessive use of weed. People have been smoking it for thousands of years. besides it would be extremely beneficial in so many ways because, the government would be making billions of dollars a year, its used for medicinal reasons, its an anti depressant and anti anxiety worker. Also it makes you think further Steve jobs came ip with apple while smoking pot monty python all smoked pot and Steven Hawkings mentor smoked pot so stfu!

  4. Weed is the number one non addictive drug. Its fact that only 15 percent of people are addicted to it and even if they are those brain cells are going to return anyway. Enough with your arguments. Stop adding your shit to the pile. You have written paragraphs of your opinion which i respect by the way. But no one cares And no ones reading so stfu please

  5. @blue skys We don't conform of what the government tells us, we conform to what we tell EACH OTHER. Don't worry, the NSA won't delete your comment because, hopefully, they feel bad for you because you're stupid. The American government doesn't tell us anything about weed… they try not to get involved with it. You aren't thinking for yourself, you literally got inserted with the idea that the government is brainwashing you about how weed is bad just by this guy's video. Of course the government brainwashes you, but not about weed they don't. We brainwash each other. This guy's video is propaganda and the facts aren't even right….. and people fucking believe it..

  6. @ThisisLies Theres a difference between being an Anarchist and being stupid. You aren't an Anarchist. Weed is addictive, weed is a psychoactive drug, weed damages brain cells and thc is not a organic compound in the brain. Weed is good though and should be used legally to treat illnesses. But people like you just have to be educated about cannabis because you're fucking ignorant.

  7. Nice poem. *you're the dumbest person ever. MARIJUANA IS A DRUG….  IT IS. The reason why it is "less severe" than alcohol or caffeine is because less people are exposed to it. I'm actually and anarchist and the government ain't shit. They could distribute and sell weed but they probably don't want to be responsible for any lawsuits that might happen. 

  8. anyone who smokes pot and says it makes the user stupid is an idiot themselves, the fact is weed is from the earth, it isn't made from chemicals like that meth and cocaine crap, weed doesn't affect your health, anyone who believes it does is a moron, weed only makes the user happy, or more patient, hell it makes life a lot more entertaining

  9. nobody??? ARE YOU SURE!? I saw one guy he was so glad to try it. Now he almost dead! Well I hope someday you will see the difference between nicotine and heroin… Also, does nicotine changes your consciousness like marijuana or heroin?

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