The DEA's Response To Marijuana Legalization

The DEA’s Response To Marijuana Legalization DEA admits marijuana legalization ‘scares us’ A top official at the US Drug Enforcement Administration has said …


  1. LYING FASCIST PIGS. LYYYYYYINNNNGGGGGG, WORTHLESSS, FASSSSCIIISSSTTT, TRESSPASSING OVERWEALTHY PIGGGSSS!!!! it scares them because theyre going to be shut down, lose their pentions, their careers, their houses, their wives and family. GOOD bc thats what u get for making a living off this doing it to less fortunate good people. they DO NOT care about any one of you out there, let me make that clear, no matter how sincere a liar looks on camera. you are just a record of ones n zeros in their database, and if u live in poverty and a bag of marijuana makes you happy, doesn't matter if you know the true history. A lot of these men come out of their mansions (Very Nice Homes to the Arrogant Unappriciating Ones that wanna argue.) leave their cheating smoking hot half aged wives at home, to come make your small yet happy life miserable, just so the big fish can grow a gram or two. FUCKING DISGUSTING . btw (Not bashing women, bashing wives of DEA and rich corrupted dickheads) water finds its own level. Im sorry for heavy  profanity im just very fed up. no pun intended. mark OUR words Feds, THIS WILL END SOON.

  2. a world collapse on our economy give me a break! if we legalize now its already been proven that crime rates drop and we can tax the hell out of it and get our country out of debt because obama is a fucking idiot!

  3. DEA FULL OF SHIT AND CORRUPTION REMENBER PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO POWER IF WE WANT THIS WILL HAPPEN EVENTUALLY people have the power not the government I would like to see people lighting up
    A joint on the street to see what they would do same thing as V VENDETTA great movie.

  4. i want to join the DEA so i can Resell the weed i confiscate after smoking half of it in A seized mansion of a dealer fucking his Hoe while he's blown behind bars… JK but thats basically what is going on 

  5. Ya know the Praetorian Guard use to be really popular guys until one day…
    Ya know the Knights of the Templar use to be really popular guys until one day… 
    Ya know the DEA…

  6. The DEA should be dismantles its a waste of money. They are only existing to cause problems its high time we get rid of problems like the DEA and Department of homeland security. Its ridiculous that these people are allowed to operate and exist and be complete hypocrites. I think execution is too good for these people they need to be stripped of their citizen ship and sent to live with the cartels they seem to be in cahoots with.

  7. $378,000,000,000 from a single cartel.  So you mean to tell me marijuana is a trillion dollar agricultural industry that we could use to fix the national debt and the only people who seem to be against legalizing it is the government that created the debt in the first place?

  8. I don't understand what we are scared of, if we was to legalize it the revenue from marijuana alone would solve all our debt crises…this is ridiculous that we cant see the forest for the trees I may be saying that wrong but you get it.. Florida is a scared state and it is up to us to change that… so reply to this, write your leaders and lets fix what's wrong . its the drug lords and smugglers that win when weed is illegal.. what's right about that… we could be putting our kids through school with the money spent to make a perfectly natural plant a criminal act to posses cant wait to hear your opinions' if you dare!!!!!!!!!

  9. Why the hell are people against people going to jail for possession of drugs? It's against the law. If you break the law, you get a punishment. That's how it's always been. It doesn't matter if you don't agree with it. You don't get to pick and choose the laws you follow.

  10. I believe that pre-employment drug testing should be considered as discrimination in regards to cannabis use. Allow people who smoke pot to be given the same opportunity as those who do not. If as an employee, their ability to perform their job tasks is unacceptable or they engage in any misconduct, then they should allow a drug test, if positive they are given options to stop cannabis use or else find another job, that is if the misconduct is related to being high on the job.

  11. It seems like every time I hear about a terrorist or cartel now of high threat to the USA, it turns out they used to be on the CIA payroll…….   and the ultra-minority conservatives stand up to defend their actions because "Drugs are bad MMMkay" – in my best Mr. Mackey voice

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