The Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed? Vice | High Society Review

Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed in Germany? High Society • Vice Link to Vice Video: The Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed | High Society: …


  1. I copped a 1/8 of some fire my freshmen year after I smoked it I started feeling weird af turns out the weed was dipped in Sherm. know where your getting your weed from I knew the person I got it off of and they still fucked me over

  2. Yea this is going on here to. Sad to say. Arkansas really loves this ''Fake Bake'' chemical that keep changing. They just spray it on whatever. I know a handful of methheads that use this in-between drug tests sometimes. They can test for it now I think. It was being sold at Tobacco Wearhouse for a bit under the name ''POSH'' ''Beyu-Blaster'' and ''DEMON''. It is worse than what people know.

  3. Drug agencies love this. Gives them an excuse to request more funding and expand. I hope this guy gets out before that day comes. Legalize it, regulate and lab test it!

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