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Banks (not his real name) earns tens of thousands of euros every month distributing weed to dealers in a small town in central Germany. But he wants to stop, …


  1. Is weed legal in Germany? I don’t think it is. In Canada you can just go to a weed store ( the stores are all over the place) and buy as much weed as you want. And since it’s sold by the government, you know what strain your buying and the THC and CBD % is even on the weed containers. So if Germany is having a big problem then why not just legalize weed federally and tax the crap out of it.

  2. Not a prob in the legalized US states. So many good growers there’s too much product, so the price comes down. No need to “cut” it with anything when its cheap enough. Besides, legal weed has to be tested and rated by certified labs.

  3. Bless this guy!
    I know exactly where he coming from, you don’t see the darkness until you live in it!

    Hope every youth growing up realises this moment in there life and learns before it’s to late!

    Thank you wise mysterious German speaking man 🙏

  4. Yeah. Over in Europe they are fkd with that spice isht. It doesn't grow naturally over there and it's illegal. More and more reasons to legalize and get rid of the ugly criminal underworld elements of cannabis.

  5. When I was in Highschool there was a boy named Paul. Paul was a good dude never bothered nobody just walked up and down the street by our old high school. You could tell something was wrong with Paul. He walked with a limp dragging his feet and his speech was always slurred. He wore the same clothes each and everyday yet all he did was walk up and down the streets with his hands in his pocket and the laces out of his shoes. I asked my friend what was wrong with him. Why he was like that? Walking the streets, limping,dragging , slurring seeming to never go home. My friend simply replied “he wasn’t always like that. He bought some bad weed. Someone laced his weed” . What happened to Paul after I graduated I can’t say but what I do know is I don’t see him anymore on the streets not even driving by. I simply hope he is somewhere doing okay.

  6. a honest drug dealer, a rare sight. its strange that by co-incidence today, i have also came across how spice has become a huge problem in the prison system in the UK. I guess this just showed an en extension of this deadly epidemic.
    i was touched at the end when he said money is not everything and how he wants to have a life that is not of regret
    good luck to you banks. if you are reading this banks, perhaps look into Islam. its a way of life that you will not regret.

  7. This dude is taking about taking cheap weed from Albania with very low THC and CBD and spray it with spice. Who cares what the CBD content is if you want to get high? CBD has no psychoactive compounds, it doesn't get you high. Plus, look at that skag they are trying to sell. I wouldn't smoke that brown, sticks and stems, if you paid me.

  8. If this isn't real it's probably the sneakiest ploy to try to convince the government to legalize. (I believe he's being honest but just imagine if this was his way of saying it has to be legal because illegal product is hurting people.)

  9. I was nearly killed as a teenager by this exact stuff. I had a pleural effusion and had I not been a block from a hospital would have died. This whistle blower is saving lives and this is exactly why legalization and regulation is the only way to prevent young people from dying painful sudden and unnecessary deaths from drugs that aren’t what they were told.

  10. I’ve spoken to people about this. The government found a way to make profit off of it. The supply and demand is going to sky rocket. The same way they have created GMO food and use chemicals for quicker results, the same with weed.

  11. Synthetic cannabis causes harm, why? cause of man intervention, Natural cannabis causes no harm, Mother Nature will never harm its children period.

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