The Canadian Cannabis Connection – Medicinal Benefits Of Oil with Rick Simpson

On this episode of TheCCC Dan Dicks of Press For Truth sits down with Rick Simpson of Phoenix Tears to discus the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Dan also …


  1. Need help my daughter is 19 now w/ cancer stage 4, synovial sarcoma, she was cancer free until surgery, then it has came back, doc. wants to give her chemo pills and radiation 5 days a week??? She was dx at age 17 been thru, a lot of tough stuff,  need oil and knowledge, I am on my own in this w/ her. Our state has this outlawed but, will beg, borrow, what ever to save my child.

  2. As a med person myself I believe this issue belongs to the molecular biology level, amnd i know there is a beautiful testimony from a biochemist where he tells his healing story and explains how it works. however I am not sure we are going to push this forward if we label it as a panacea, a cure for all, cause then we can begin to slide and go out of focus. If there are more molecular healing abilities, let the biochemists tell us, otherwise let´s stick to cancer alone

  3. Agreed but I don't think a lot of Doctors even know they are wrong. A lot are arrogant and think they know better because they went to school for years and years. Except the programs are often funded by big pharma and they will go there to learn and truly believe in the big pharma agenda of making return customers.

  4. the doctors oth is: we bow down and suck off big pharma. we will crush all natural ways of healing. we will extort all of your money on pills witch do shit all. cannabis should be legal for spiritual use and for medical.

  5. I have started the oil for my mother who is presently a stage 4 cancer patient with tumours in backbone,lungs n other parts, we are presently 2 weeks into the oil dosage

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