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THC -On The Spot – Testing Kit (Include 3 X Test Kits) $29.95 The Test4 THC Personal Cannabinoid Detection Kit allows you to detect THC in any product.


  1. We have sold 1000's of TLC test  kits over the  last 6+ years with great success all over the world on a  daily bases (  to major product producers, research developers as well  as  government agency's, growers, breeders and many other individuals. Our Custom written manual  is easy to use with no science knowledge needed. If you  use the TLC method properly you will not break the  glass tlc plates  and with a variable pipette all your samples are  evenly put on the plates.Thin Layer Chromatography has been used by  scientist  for years  and is taught is many college chemistry classes, these machines were not  made to test  cannabis they were adapted for the use  because of greed and lack of knowledge of TLC testing . There are many reasons why  these  machines do  not work correctly a lot  of cross contamination,  the base line substance purchased for the testing  in the  machine varies  and they  are not calibrated after  every test here is a link  of a  independent  study done between our test  kits and GC and HPLC machines,%20HPLC,%20HPTLC.html#comparetestingYou be  the  judge we sell to labs  all the time in many  cases it is easier to  test substances that  are mixed with  our  kits over the  changes needed  with the machines, if you use the  correct sample weigh for each sample tested with  TLC you  will get consistent results- in this industry were for some reason  every thing seems  to be very expensive ( soil, plants, seeds products ) we try  to make it possible for everyone  to test their products at a reasonable price.

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