1. I love my th400. I know its heavier than a th350 but it really makes my car feel alot faster. With the th350 I couldn't chirp the tires but with the th400 I can either drive like a grandpa or shred the tires on command. So far I have just been careful on the fwy I have 3.42 gear and it wilk not downshift at fwy speeds. People tell me I can do it but I broke 3 intermediate sprags so I am a bit overly cautious.

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  3. Just love your th400 vids have beening running one in a dragster for 20+years mostly stock but zipper it bad when we stepped the hp up to 1600 now building one a bit stronger so I love your channel parts are hard to find and dear here in OZ as we have to import most parts from the US Cheers from Downunder

  4. Got my case in the local parts washer after your case prep mods.

    Ive got a couple quick questions that would result in having to order a few more parts. For a th400 that will get hammered on by small ls truck engines, should I do the case saver and spiroloc ring? I'm just cheap and like to have fun.

    Next is there a pro and con of the spiroloc you showed during the case saver part vs a thicker snap ring? Or is it more of playing with clerances thing?

    Last one of the night. I know you turn down the o ring and bevel on the output shaft, you have a lath right there. If one had to pay someone to do that would it be better to just remove the o ring and buy one of the beveled sunnex yokes in 1310 or 1350?

    Killer video again. Im loving the th400 vids, definetly building my confidence to just do it. I owe you some beers or a clean down south core the next time I'm up in Maine.

  5. You got the best videos on the th400…im building one for my drag week car.. other then the pump mod on one of your videos
    Do you know how to make the pump live on the street with a trans brake ? I hear it's kills them in a few thousand miles ..

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