Ted Cruz on the legalization of marijuana

The senator from Texas says it’s a matter of states rights. He’s personally opposed to it, but every state has the right to do what it wants. Let different states …


  1. OH OH….did you hear the key words…..I Don't Agree With It?…….I would never vote for an idiot who wasn't in favor of Legal Pot….the status quo has never and never will work….Legalize pot now you fools and quit filling up our jails with petty pot charges!

  2. If I vote Rep. in 2016 this is the man I go for. So many states won't go for legalizing simply because it's a threat on a federal level. Think about how many innocent people are behind bars for petty drug charges namely marijuana. Think about how much government money those cells are taking up. I agree with Cruz, let states decide on everything. The man opposes gay marriage too but doesn't oppose states deciding for it. Just my opinion though.

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