1. Great Job guys!! We need more like you out there changing the system. The government will fight tooth and nail to keep the worlds safest substance illegal. It's all about greed.

    Keep up the good work. Ron Paul in 2012.

  2. I think you guys have the same idea, but that needs to go learn how to be a adult. next time dress the occasion. And dont fight for dugs to be legal for kids. next time do a diff approach.

  3. There is another argument that does not seem to be mentioned. And that is the arrest and imprisonment of the youth. This causes serious problems, one is not being able to get a student loan or a good job after a drug charge. The second, is that we are locking up the future work force, which has many side effects.

    The cost of enforcement and imprisonment added to lost productivity will waste so much money, there will be medi-care for these aging baby-boomers who chose not to act.

  4. Wow I am impressed to see younger political members pushing on this subject, I think it should be passed around the country and shown to other colleges and parties.

    Really good job, I am glad to see that younger people are also going political with their views and opinions, the hippy age is out the door and the sophisticated geniuses of tomorrow is in !

  5. I think she couldn't believe it. But it's basically true. They have officially proclaimed it so but it's the most popular org on the campus and only started two years ago. He says virtually all, the large majority at Suffolk (Students and Faculty) support them.

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