Spain's Marijuana Laws by Christine Sclafani | | Marijuana News, Cannabis Culture

Needless to say, if Christine Sclafani is visiting Spain she is going to go find the weed. While touring the country of Spain, she stopped in Segovia to let her …


  1. Very helpful video but sounds a total fucking total mess.

    Tempted to use my own law degree to try and change the situation as soon as I arrive!!!

    Shits stupid…

    It's either ok or it isn't make your bloody mind up. Stupid government…

  2. I am a member of 5 clubs in Spain ( Costa Blanca South ) Only 1 of 5 asked me for recommendation from a another club member, about must having resident i have never heard of. I only needed my passport, being over 20 years old, answer a few questions, pay them few euros and i was good to go, many of the clubs a run by expats, British, German and Scandinavians, who all talk English, if your not comfortable speaking Spanish

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