South Dakota Marijuana Laws | Weed Laws SD 2020 – Is Marijuana Legal in South Dakota?

South Dakota Marijuana Laws | Cannabis in South Dakota – Is Marijuana Legal in South Dakota? South Dakota weed laws may change in November of 2020.


  1. I wanna like it, but bringing people into this that said they would legalize weed if they had a ballot worth it's weight in the senate, and then the president also saying, if it passes his desk, he would sign it.. and you're all cutting them down politically.. you do realize as an outsider to both parties, all of us independent and libertarians can see both sides and aren't stupid, right? Dunno.. you all need to quit talking shit about people and focus on the matter at hand.

  2. I love is South Dakota and got pulled over for not using my blinker within 100 feet of turning and they searched my car and found less than half a gram of wax that wasn’t even mine and the passenger didn’t own up to it and got a class 5 felony 👎

  3. Vote yes for both ammendment A and 26 people keeping people locked up for bs and costing us tax money payers money for some one doing no harm to others time for things to change let's legalize marijuana and give back to the community instead of taking away from it let's have that extra money for better education for are children and to better for the community it would be stupidity to vote no or for Kristy Noems to veto the bill and go against what the people want and deserve she is just one individual that dont give a rat's you know what to the people's thoughts and what they vote for. If she does veto the Bill's it would be like she is literally spitting in are faces and saying I dont care for the people and there thoughts

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