Smoking Marijuana: The Long Term Effects

With the increasing popularity of medical marijuana, more and more people are choosing to smoke pot on a regular basis. In this video, Dr. Malcolm Smith, …


  1. This is truth my friends. I've smoked since I was 14. Heavily since 17 until 26 . I quit about 3 weeks ago and feel as if I've been reborn. People think weed is not that big of a deal but it is once you've realized how much time has been wasted and how unfulfilling life has been in comparison to what it could have been.

  2. I smoked for 11 years every day since I was 16. I loved it enjoyed it inspired me to create music. I couldn't live with out it. When I didn't have any that's all I would think about. I then started smoking wax concentrates four years ago. . But about 2 months ago I started having anxiety really bad I've never felt it before. I didn't know if it was from the wax or anything else but I have never had anxiety before. I had to go see a doctor . So I quit smoking for a month and the anxiety went away my head was clear I remember things better I'm not reaching into the cupboard for a gallon of milk cuz I'm stoned out of my mind. I try to smoke again recently though to see if I can enjoy it but when I did I hated the feeling I got. It really dumb to me down and I thought someone sedated and couldn't even focus on what I was watching on TV I think it's time for me to move on

  3. Can't rely on cannabis for a sense of spirituality! If anything teach yourself to meditate first and practice other methods of connecting with spirit and yourself, and then maybe use the natural herbs to enhance it. Know yourself and make sure you know what you're putting into your body and why

  4. i have been smooking 2 years regular day n night …one day i just quit bcz weed change my life ….short term memory loss n mentally disturb n lazy ness …fear felling …i thinking to much whenever i take weed ….plzzz guys just quit one day u understand why i quit …now i am half fine .

  5. Thank you Malcolm Smith for posting. I'm glad to have found this video. There is SOOOO MUCH BS everywhere about how Recreational/Medical MJ is such a "Silver Bullet" with no side affects. From an early age I was brainwashed  by my Church & by the example of both my parents that illegal drugs were very bad and that I should avoid them. Later in High School I observed students who regularly used MJ-aka The Stoners. They were "COOL" coz they cut class to smoke weed. They often had a dreamy look in there eyes but at other times just a blank stare. Their general behavior seemed slow and some what out of touch with reality. Their clothes always wreaked of that foul MJ stench. Academically they were bright teenagers but high on MJ their grades dropped to FFFDFF and the D was for PE where you just had to show up to get an A. Anyway, these Stoners helped me solidify my personal life decision to do exactly as I had previously been brainwashed to do. Now years later, I'm a 56 yr old male raised in Northern California and  to this day, I can honestly say that I have NEVER tried or experimented with MJ in any form and I NEVER will. And that goes for Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, LSD, Crack, Ecstasy etc. Just watch any video on these drugs and it is clear that their potential for EXTREME SELF HARM and TOTAL LIFE DESTRUCTION overwhelmingly outweighs any "upside" including getting high which will be followed by an abnormal low and unwanted addiction.

  6. These are true facts about marijuana, marijuana is bad in the long term, but is it is bad as alcohol? Or cigarettes? I mean look at it, how many people has cannabis killed? 0. How many people does alcohol and cigarettes kill each year? Thousands.

  7. Cannabis is great… in moderation. I think that there is a lot of truth to what this guy is saying, but I think it mainly applies to chronic, daily smokers. Ive always believed that if you are at least 18 and you don't use it to distract you from life or escape from your problems, it will have negligible negative side effects long term. Is it bad to have a drink with friends every so often? No. Cannabis isn't any different. I have personally always preferred cannabis over alcohol any time im out but both is fun too 😉

  8. from my own experience i know this man is 100% truth, and i as my friends did climb the ladder from cigarettes which we said we will never do b/c it can give cancer as we pleaded for our parents to stop, but as we started smoking we said we will never do drugs but we did use pot by 7th grade at least , big peer pressure in the 70's b/c everyone it seemed was doing it and maybe most kids did but not all . and i and others kept climbing that ladder ever so faster after marijuanna , so now as an adult i can say that pot is a gateway to hard drugs. after a few youthful years of smoking weed ,please grow up and put the childish toys away and become a man or woman of the world ,as the poem says in so many words. marijuana never gave me insight . never had better concentration. i couldn't read a book or get through a movie without my mind drifting into no wheres land. mostly teens like it b/c it takes them away from the growing pains which is very hard on many teens. or possible traumas as losing a parent, hard time with coping skills, insecurity. peer pressure , its just about getting out of the reality and using to numb the tough feelings one is going through and not getting the right help. of course i care for the youth, the adults want to smoke that is their right if they are retired and kina need it for sleep or occasional relaxation, but when you are 20 and over your brain is still developing please cut it out. i was given this info when i was young and just couldnt listen and ruined a good part of my life , still working at my age to keep it together is tough. it is a shame of all this stuff on utube which tells you everything you need to know to grow it, they make like pot is a new discovery, please , do , don't smoke weed every day at least

  9. This is so true! I smoked for about 15 years 3 grams a day and I was completely lost I felt like a zombie I had no drive no emotion all I wanted to do was get high now iv stopped its been 2 years I feel alive I feel normal I go for a 3 mile run every morning I eat well I feel as if I'm living my life not dreaming it I see old friends who still smoke and they look drained and confused and stuck in a cycle of doom

  10. But what if you don't want to feel emotions?…I don't drink
    and I don't do drugs or smoke cigarettes, just pot. Everyday all day
    so I know it can't be good. Now it's a habit and I feel like I can't do anything
    without it. I wanna stop, but don't know what else to do if its no where in my life…

  11. I have a bad weed habit. I smoke at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Also sometimes in the afternoon when I'm not working. I want to at least take a break for a while so that I can stop depending on it, but I live with stoners so its really hard. Its like I'm constantly at war with myself because I know I could quit cold turkey if I were living on my own. I dont feel like weed has made my life worse or anything. Mostly I just feel like I cant connect to people as easily when I'm stoned and I do forget little things from time to time, which is annoying. I've also noticed its harder to motivate myself to exercise and I have a lot of mucus in my sinuses and lungs. I'm not sure if this is due to weed, but my digestive system has gotten all out of whack in the past year and I think it might be from the hormoans weed releases that make you hungry. I want to quit to see if any of these problems improve. If not, I might as well smoke at least every once in a while because I enjoy it.


  13. So i am suppose to quit weed. So i can become a person like you. A suit. Trying to get rich on people stupidity. Work so hard. Stress. Losing hair. Noooooo thank you. Now where did i put my joint? 😉

  14. Well, it's time to give it up…this guy is on point 100% with everything he said. I have experienced both the positive and negative effects he mentioned. MJ has helped me with my chronic back pain, has relieved stress, and has made me view life through a different lens. It has been enlightening at times, but all of the secondary effects remain constant. It's been about 5 years straight now and I feel that its time to take a break. If you can keep it to the weekends and not make it a daily ritual, I feel that you can still enjoy MJ with only minor drawbacks. 2 Important Things to note about cannabis, which Malcom addressed: Yes, smoking MJ can relieve one's anxiety (1st reaction), but later on will actually cause anxiety (2nd reaction). This ties into the second point about processing stress and managing emotions. When your body is on a high, its unable to confront certain stressful emotions and is basically numb to most emotions. I feel that a certain amount of THC can make you unnaturally hypersensitive i.e. dwelling on a deep thought like a bad relationship, existential crisis, etc. As a daily smoker, when you return to your natural, sober state, confronting these negative thoughts/emotions are more difficult to do because you never let yourself overcome them before while you were high. So the next time you experience those negative, stressful emotions, they will in turn give you anxiety. This was my experience with MJ and I felt compelled to share it with any other people out there contemplating whether or not to continue smoking. In short, moderation is the key. Life is short and we should enjoy some of nice things it offers. Peace & love.

  15. I'm sry my spiritual side is great with cannabis. What you're saying might be true for normal people who have addictive personalities. Which is pretty much everyone who uses alcohol/caffeine. If you don't get your mental health taken care of before you use marijuana you're not going to be getting his full benefits. I have chronic pain it helps. Have I noticed somewithdrawal side effects yes it is true you get more anxious but they go away over time. With this guy is saying is true for normal people who just want to use a recreational drug for people who use it as medicine… We have very different thought processes on this…… by the way spiritual side is agnostic…….. I don't really feeling connected anyway…but that's just me

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