1. Theres was this one time everyone from my department went to a view we knew on a hill top and i took this girl in my car. Long story short we hit it off everyone leaves to a liquor store cuz food4less was closed at that time and me and this chick handle business in my car. And the crew comes back and the girls are ignoring and laughing and guys are trying to peak through my window me smashing the girl in my car was shy and covers her face! I just keep going untill i finish and she said towards the end that she was shy but the fact that i kept going was what kept her turned on!

  2. This show is my new SHYT!!! Bout to watch the previous episodes because they on my type of time… Talkin' bout, "Do you feel some type of way when your weedman goes on vacation?" 🤣🤣🤣

  3. The weed got me through the riots, I came up on some financial literacy knowledge from the 85 south show, I got through my week on the calm down, and got me through being nervous on stage playing drums with my band

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