Seizures and Convulsions in Dogs 2020 – Vet Explains | Dogtor Pete

Seizures and Convulsions in Dogs are serious and can be progressive, but owners can be comforted by the fact that the tools for diagnosis and treatment are …


  1. Thank you for watching this video. Let me know down in the comments if you ever had a dog that had a seizure before and what you and your vet did to help him cope with his condition?

    Here is a breakdown of the topics covered in this video:

    00:00 Introduction

    00:35 Different types of seizures that dogs get: Seizures, Cluster seizures, Epilepsy, Idiopathic epilepsy & Status epilepticus

    02:55 What happens during a typical seizure?

    04:14 What causes seizures?

    04:44 How are seizures diagnosed?

    05:33 How are seizures treated and prevented?

    06:58 7 Things you need to do when your dog is having a seizure

    08:47 Important tips you need to know regarding your seizuring dog

    09:29 Conclusion

  2. Please help. When is Pexion going to be available in the USA. I am desperate to get this for my epileptic boxer. He is on three meds and still mot controlled.

  3. My 3 years old Staffy X Bullarab girl, had the 1st seizure a month ago, as she went out for her morning things about 6:20am, what was very scary, as on the end she stopped breathing, and I had to quickly revive her… by giving cpr, mouth to nose breath… it was about 1-2 minutes, but felt much longer. I took her to the animal hospital, as 6:30am the vet was closed. At 7:30am the first hospital sent me to another hospital as they are only open for 12hours (not 24 as on the internet) and they were closing. About 8am I arrived to the 2nd hospital, where the doctor, after I told her what is happened, examined my dog, charged almost $800 for blood tests only and told us, possibly she digested some rat poison. I told her that is almost impossible as all of my neighbours have dogs and as we have good relationships, they would not throw poison over the fence… she checked the blood results again and told us something serious happened as her blood is thin and not clothing in time… she could bleed out. She told us, it's looks very serious and it's highly possible my dog got bitten by a snake, and we have to act quickly, because as times goes by, it could be irreversible her situation… The doctor told us she will send the blood to a laboratory, but it takes 2-3 days to get a more detailed results, so I had to sign and agree to give her antivenom treatment… ($1400) I didn't understand and we pointed out, my dog looks very happy, now playing, jumping, licking… does not show any signs of being unhealthy, poisoned or bitten by snake. We asked her about any visible signs of snake bites on the lip, paws…? But she told us, it's not always showing signs… I asked her could you please check my other dog ( her brother) as he was outside with her. His blood test showed the same exact results. Thin blood, not clothing, but a looking healthy, happy dog… We were puzzled… I had to leave my girl for the day. The doctor gave my boy a vitamin K tablets… As I arrived home, I called back the hospital to bring my 3rd dog (another brother) to check. He was not with them outside at the time of the seizure, but later he was outside for a while. On the afternoon the doctor checked my 3rd dog blood test as well and she told us, he is in good health… his blood test is normal. ( I didn't received this result). She told us my girl received vitamin K as well, intravenous and the Brown and Tiger snake antivenom and she did not show any bad reaction… I asked if she can give me some discount as both of me and my wife lost our jobs due to Covid, what she agreed and we ended up paying $2800.
    Our girl was very happy, playful and hungry. 2 days later we received a call from the hospital about the blood test results from the laboratory, and the doctor told us, my dogs have a healthy blood test results and the hospital had an error in their blood test… What??? I am gobsmacked… ( so because the error in the blood test, we gave antivenom to the dog…? Isn't that dangerous? ) not mentioning the bill, what money I could use now for brain scan…?
    My first thought was, okay I understand, after 2nd lockdown, economy is very bad everywhere for everyone… but come on! We should trust the hospital… no?
    As today this morning 8:20am (1 month later) she had her 2nd seizure. She did not passed out, like the first time. I stayed much calmer, checking her breathing and heart. It was about 1-2 minutes again and after for a couple of minutes she was dizzy. I kept her calm, and after when she was able to stand, she was standing and starring in the dark part of the house for about 5 minutes, when she had some water… poor girl.
    The interesting part, in both cases: 1st she went out, eating some grass, the first thing in the morning. 2nd she wanted to start playing, jumping with her brother, ( excitement, low blood sugar??) when she collapsed. ( she loves to eat, maybe getting chubby, but she loves to exercise as well…)
    I am going to investigate further what causes her seizure, as soon as I can, as right now I ran out of my savings, and I am reading everything from the internet. If you could give me some advice, I would really appreciate your help. Great content. Subscribed. Thanks.

  4. Op jou video afgekom. Dankie vir die inligting. Ek het twee beagles gekry so amper 'n jaar gelede. Was honde wat al vyf eienaars in 5 jaar gehad het. Pragtige honde…hulle sal nie weer trek nie! Hulle en my ander 5 honde kom goed oor die weg. My rean kry aanvalle. Dit is baie ongereeld, maar blyk meer in die somer te wees. Ek los hom rustig en hou maar net dop dat die ander honde hom uitlos. Hy het binne die eesrte twee maande toeek hulle gekry het, seker elke week een gehad, maar dit het verander na seker een elke twee maande. Dit duur nie baie lank nie. Op die oomblik is ek nie baie bekommerd nie, want dit is min. Dink jy dit is ok as ek net so aangaan. Ek wil nie graag die saggeaarde hond deur 'n klomp toetse laat sit nie. Hulle is so liefdevol en slaap lekker rustig op my bed! Hulle is vyf jaar oud.

  5. Wonderful video Pete. My 2 year old German Shepherd started experiencing some seizures. I took it to the vet and he gave me phenobarbital to treat it. The episodes have reduced ever since I started treatment

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