Seed Starting To Harvest | Every Step Explained For A Successful Garden | Grow With Me

In This Video I walk you through every step from seed starting to harvesting. With these steps explained you WILL have a successful Garden Season.


  1. Potatoes are great to grow in buckets. We've been doing it for years. You can also chit organic Potatoes from the store to grow. It worked great last year since the seed stores and home depot were out of starter Potatoes!

  2. Jen. Use a food processor for your biscuits and butter. I put in my flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and butter in it. Chops that butter up beautifully. I actually use 7 tablespoons of butter.

  3. Jen use a cheese shredder and shred your butter into your mix. It works I do it everytime I make biscuits because I didn't have a pastry cutter the first time I made biscuits and now I do the shred method every time.

  4. Cutting in butter to flour trick is to Cool your hands off in cold water then use your finger tips. Trick my mother in law taught me. Love how you say happy birthday plant babies. Lol

  5. Have a really great hint for your biscuits, my son is a chef in top restaurants, freeze your butter then shave it on a grater into your flour! It comes out with those flakey layers and much taller than just trying to cut you butter in. So good.

  6. Last Fall I planted Garlic and Onions, they are still growing Zach, looking forward to a wonderful harvest then Ive got to get ready for my spring and summer garden! What about containers for gardening? I use a combination beds and containers.

  7. We found a hidden broke down garden shed full of goodies, and found a 8×20 hidden raise bed!!! Jackpot!!! So we can grow something now on our budget. Little hint Jen, use Saran Wrap on counter, then you just roll the wrap up and no flour mess anymore. Quick biscuit recipe. 2 cups SR flour, 1 stick small diced cold butter, cut into flour with a pastry cutter, make a well add 1 cup milk, lightly fold, put out on Saran Wrap, sprinkle flour on top, fold side to side, fold top to bottom, cut biscuits out, lightly brush tops with milk, bake at 450 in pre heated oven.

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