ScrOG training continues + garden update. Living Organic Haze!

In this video I continue sharing my methods of ScrOG training cannabis plants and give a good garden update. Links below. CannaGrowOnline cannabis …


  1. you talk how it is difficult to get canna info?
    When i started 1st grow,about 2004,there was no info,or stupidityes,we get cervantes book and learned from there,today people have ton of info

  2. Great video
    I wanted to ask you a question if you dont mind, I consider you to be one if the top "real growers"
    Out there, because you show your mistakes also.
    So i have a blue dream lady 5 weeks into flower and the very outside of her leaves look like trichome but it is actually slightly lighter in color and is ruff to the touch and is not on the older growth
    It is only on the outside of each leaf and is the entire length of the leaf.
    I have been looking for days to diagnose this and cant find anything to compare to.
    If you have any clues would help.

  3. Well that’s the first time I can even remember hearing about the purpling being an effect of LED’s. Im under an MH TSL2000 and I’m always hitting mine with extra Epsom salts which probably isn’t a bad thing anyway but some great info.
    I currently have 3 Blue Ice in the end of veg in my 2×4 that are packed wall to wall, when I get home tonight I’ll be figuring out which bud sites need to go, when I was home last weekend I did another huge leaf strip amd removed most of the smaller sites but I imagine it will just be too packed if I don’t thin out this is only my second run amd my first one I only ended up with 1 female, it will be interesting to see how these finish out, I did all 3 different ways in shaping and training so will see what happens with yield between them and find out just how crowded they actually get in flower,
    It’s all about learning and figuring out what really works right now. Amd I have the extreme opposite situation as you do right now, foe the last year I’m pretty much gone 5 days a week and rely on my fiancé to water once a week (more like a quick flash flooding). Then I come home amd give them a couple hard days of love and abuse before leaving again. Ot gets a little frustrating not always being there for them.
    Cheers, and keep Up the great videos. 🇨🇦

  4. Beautiful plants bro!! The first plant i ever grew was outside i didnt give it any nutrients and the stock and all the stems were purple and it was damn good weed so not sure the actual cause but ive been curious myself because all my plants now have green stocks and im growing inside its a mystery and im growing under 2 mars hydro ts600 and have 4 plants

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  6. I bought a new light for my latest grow and I too experienced purple stems. I did notice the cal-mag lightened them up a bit, but the purple persists. Glad to read from everyone here that this is not uncommon. Thanks, Everyone!

  7. Yes, it's a fact. Using LED's, increases the use of mag in the plants. Even if you cal mag every watering, you're gonna have purple stems,not a lot though, just up top. Ur fine

  8. Hey whats up?
    Well I guess you said what you have been up to. LOL.
    Anyway I've noticed from your last few videos.
    That you have not been topping your plants any longer.
    Can you please let me or all of us know your logic behind this.

    The reason I'm asking is.
    When I start lst my plants I will top them at least once.
    Because I'm sure you know,
    That doing so helps the inner (lower) branches shoot out faster.
    Not to the point of stretching.
    But they just grow faster.
    You know what I'm saying.
    And like me I'm sure you know why.
    I was just wondering.
    Take care…..

  9. Great video as always. Your videos helped my learning to grow. Now on my 1st. Currently my 4 started week 12 veg from soil sprout. Organic, Gaia Green amendments, Bluesky organic supersoil, Fishfarms Fish Shit, compost teas and liquid humic and folvic acids, ph7. About to transplant 4x 7gal into 20 gallon pots.
    You're in the top 5 of cannabis information and guidance. Thanks

  10. Plants under led need higher magnesium, that's where your purple under leds comes from, it probably makes the plant use up more M due to its spectrum pushing the plant to use more Magnesium

  11. I think too much light causes purple stems.
    Once I take my veg plants out of the 100 watt 5k LED and put them under the 460 watt of flower spectrum they get purple stems. Could be spectrum or amount of light.

  12. I really enjoy your videos I've been watching you for a couple years now. I was just started to grow indoors I am in my basement. It is chilly down here I use a small space heater temps fluctuate between 57° to 67. I've been growing a strain for about 30 years since deciding to grow indoor I made seeds last summer thanks again for the videos I'll tell you more my story if you're interested 😁

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