Sacred Buddha Cannabis Medicine — Pt 1.

The Manna King: Manna Doctor — Pt 1. “Honoring 5000 year old Cannabis ‘Kansa’ internal herbal medicine recipes,” first written down (palm leaf — Ola scrolls) …


  1. The reasoning for cannabis being outlawed is true, I would just be careful about those who in the guise of promoting peace seek to liberalize, divide and indoctrinate the entire world to their freemasonic beliefs. Bob Marley was certainly not apart of this movement and I believe he was killed by these same people in order to make weed seem harmful and carcinogenic which it is completely the opposite. The beetles were actually just as apart of the new age movement and freemasonic ideology than I think even they realize, the problem is these entities will always use emotion and controlled knowledge to indoctrinate and subconsciously push their beliefs on the world.

  2. I'll nt insist my friends 2 experience it. But please b aware of what information/knowledge u r gaining! Dig a little bit by urself about any mysteries that u consider 2 b right. Follow independent books, watch independent tv shows, news… Ya u dont have rt 2 do anything in d act of law but u r born free 2 learn, to know d truth… Ask for ur answer, if they can't provide u then fight 4 ur answer. D moment u r satisfied, d more joyful u r… d more u'll b worshipping GOD.

  3. Its not that west don't know about this knowledge. It was just a political issue to illegalize hemp. The oil corporations conspiracy… The illuminati knows very well it is a easiest way 4 people 2 gain spiritual consiousness. Look how Bob Marley, John Lennon advised 2 have cannabis, to learn what love and peace is, 2 end all war that exists. Its sacred knowledge but the big corporations have instilled so many fear n stupid ideas about cannabis in our mind thru textbooks. So fucking disgusting

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