Running 1 Mile after eating Potent WEED BROWNIE Experiment | Bodybuilder VS Extreme Cardio Test

In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I do a world first experiment where I attempt to run 1 mile after eating a potent weed brownie. This extreme cardio test would be …


  1. Try pyote 😅
    Seriously though, my dads friends tried pyote while camping & one dude said after a while he saw a rabbit & had the idea to try to catch it. Every time he was about to grab it it was just out of reach. So eventually after what seemed to be a few hours he decided to go back to camp, to find everyone freaked out & worried about him asking where he was. He said he was just in the woods trying to catch a rabbit when they told him "YOU'VE BEEN MISSING FOR 3 DAYS"!!

  2. Stop don’t eat those bad marighansas if you eat those Maraghanas you will surely be a goner every bite of that stuff is like Satan in your mouth so knock it off cool it pal spit them maraghanas out 🙂

  3. I might be a year late, but that was funny shit. You can't get the worlds strongest man high, no matter how much or how strong it is! World's strongest man has the world's strongest tolerance. Eyes be looking like

  4. Man I just got to say seeing you do the 540 kick with sensi seth and wonder boy Thomson blew mi mind just how effortlessly you did it iv been rewatching the way you did it so that I can learn it 👊

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