Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson's Story ♥ 1

A Film By Christian Laurette – After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil.


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  2. Jim , that's true about the maple syrup and bicarb , also lemon and bicarb very day , alkalize the body , cider vinegar , turmeric/ pepper 5%pepper . ginger garlic , organic as much as possible . x we need to help each other as much as possible ,.
    oncologists are just poison peddling quacks , making money from our misery .
    mine was in colon , which was all removed, now lungs . utterly devastating 😢😿😿😿💔💔💔

  3. i must say that i have another cure for cancer as there are more then one way to heal ourselves of cancer and other earthly cures exist and are just as good. one of the cures is to maple syrup and it takes 4 cups of maple syrup and 2 tablespoons of bakng soda mixed together and drink even if it takes all day to drink as it is really hard to drink a lot of maple syrup at once, but this is a cancer killing cure for all cancers so please get this cure as well as other ones to your wife quickly 🙂

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  5. please can any one help me, ive been raising money for years for a local cancer care hospital, never knowing that id need that hospital to save my wife one, she has only months to live they say @ the hospital ive tried different stuff and only yesterday they told us the cancer is growing fast , i need to try hemp oil i am so desperate can any one help please its hard to get because i live in south wales England, my email is

  6. There are other very effective natural cures that have been proven over time. Google: Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Richard Shulze. I can point you to more specific info if you need to begin fast and effective.

  7. @Courage2Change0NE – Thank you kindly for your reply. I will definetely check out the link you gave me as soo as I get a chance. Unfortunatly I don't live in California or Coloradeo, so do you suggest I go on ebay to find the seeds? I live in Australia, so do you know what amount of seeds, if any, am I permitted to grow for medicinal usage? If not, who do you recommend I should go to and obtain permission?

  8. @francesca27545 If you live in California or Colorado, you can get it at a Cannabis Care Club w/your medical i.d. or you can make it yourself. If you need further help please contact: h t t p : / / Be blessed!

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