Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) dosing and avoiding the taste

In this brief video I go over the suppressed cancer cure, RSO. It can be administered more quickly sublingually, but if you’re like me you can wait a little longer for …


  1. Do you have any way to avoid the taste but still keeping it in your mouth under the tongue? The reason why I put it under my tongue is because going thru the stomach makes it a lot less potent. It absorbs straight into your blood stream instead passing thru multiple organs first.

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  3. hey man i made a tincture from an ounce of platinum bubba kush. reduced it down to a 60 ml to fit into a dropper bottle. its my first time. i noticed that it stinks and tastes like crap. is that normal? i used grain alcohol. and decarbed prior to soaking the weed in grain. is that normal? i mean for it to taste nasty and smell kind of gross?

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