Review: Getting Started With Your Ninja Foodi Vs. Instant Pot

Did you just get your new Ninja Foodi? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed, nervous or intimidated even? Well look no further! You’ve come to the right place.


  1. After several videos and coming close to boxing it up and returning, you MAY have saved me the trouble. This was a gift, and I still need convincing. It is huge, and seems like a lot of work to save time on most dishes. I hope to learn how to cook large pieces of meat, since wheat fairly clean. I am a bit overwhelmed at the idea of straying from years of tried and true dishes.

  2. I haven’t use my pressure cooker yet. It’s amazing. So many features. 2 tops, cookbook just awesome. I will use it this weekend and write a review. I’m glad I purchased it. Especially for the air fryer etc…stay tuned for an update after I use it.

  3. Have you used the dehydrating function yet? I have the same model and it makes quite a lot of noise when I use the dehydrating function. Wondering if its normal or my machine is messed up…thanks!

  4. Shark (vacuums) make the Ninja products. U can check 'em all out on one website. They have a Ninja Air Fryer oven now too. It stands up & u can press the button on the bottom to clean it easily. Plus, not all models have the dehydrator mode. So make sure ur buying the one u want. Plus they sell other accessories online separately.

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