1. Hey Remo i have a guick question. I am just curious if any of your beautiful flowers are gonna be made available to us canadians now that this miracle plant is now legal? Mad respect for what you do. We do not get cannabis like this in the okanagan and is definitely a bucket list must

  2. Remo….. Did you ever get your play button from YouTube?
    I'm making a channel as the UK prepares for legalisation. Looking at full platforming, radio, video, blogs and obviously a stream. We are growers helping growers right at the most sketchy point in the UK. I am a first day user of the AFnetwork and the UKCSC and run the UK cannabiz support network. Remo apart from that I use Remo nutes and boosts. I am a mini Remo. I have 3 strains under my belt and sell cbd on my company site. I'm in politics and on the street. Would love to collab with your team Remo, hopefully yours

  3. REMO!! haven't watched a video in a few years!! i swear those were the same sunglasses when you first started going 4K. if you can take care of your sunglasses from then, you sure can take care of them fine buds!

  4. In my country smoking is almost the only long rolling paper. I was smoking with exactly the same paper while I was watching the video 😃 (btw it's my favorite rolling paper.)

  5. I would actually give my left nut to be allowed to spend a week in Vancouver with you guys, smokin' all day long trying out all of that killer bud you have. You guys truly have it made, congratulations!

  6. Won't grow with any other products anymore guys. I've only tried your nutes on soil based grows but I've only been impressed. My birthday is coming on the 29th, gonna try grabbing some of these Remo Chemo seeds. Stuff looks super fire. Much love from Colorado, Remo crew!

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