Regenerative and Polyculture Cannabis Growing with guest Nicholas Mahmood

Cannabis grown with regenerative agricultural techniques is the future of cannabis farming. The resurgence of ancient botanical thinking blended with our …


  1. Just found this gem of an interview! Thanks for putting it together. I have followed Green Source Gardens for a while now on Social Media etc, but so great to hear all about for the 'source' itself. Love the blending of everything and clearly it works well as the produce is incredible from the pictures I've seen. Keep up the amazing work guys. Much love from New Zealand.

  2. I super-appreciate that you conducted this interview…this is exactly what we're doing in Nothern Vermont on our 1300-acre farm…with wildlife-assisted (vegan) regenerative/permaculture. Just stared growing CBD within this context, using our duck sanctuary bedding as great compost and mulch. This is the future of growing food and medicine…and that you're focussing on this with so much passion really inspires us that more and more people are heading in this direction. Keep up the great work!!

  3. thanks Shango and Nick
    this was an extremely good episode. I found this to be a very Permaculture approach to cannabis growing. I started this approach with my first ever crop this year as i had taken this approach to past vegetable gardens.
    could we get a short list of some of the plants Nick used in his garden?

  4. Much love to Shango Los for visiting the farm, thank you everyone that takes the time to listen. We all have the power to heal and be healed by the Earth, I believe in us.

  5. Grateful for this whole movement! Regenerative agriculture and KNF are amazing wholistic modalities to learn and apply. Thank you for spreading the seeds of knowledge Shango Los and Nicholas Mahmood. One permaculture technique for holding water on your hillside is to add a dry-well before the spillway on your swale. You can place your nitrogen fixers above the swale/dry-well and your demanding hungry plant on the berm just "below" the dry-well.
    Cheers Growmies!

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