1. When is the UK gonna wake up? Surely we can do it here soon? How is it possible tho that people STILL go to jail for marijuana in US and around the world, when countries and states, ordinary democratic places, say it's ok and it's legal. How come we can still send people to prison for this?? It's soooo wrong!!

  2. It’s ironic this happened in AZ, they’re notorious among travelers for pulling over out-of-state vehicles and handing out absurdly harsh penalties for marijuana possession. Not anymore – I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of disappointment dush-bag cops and judges.

  3. Your gonna buy a $50 dollar bag of weed. Every 6 or 7 months you have to talk to your weed doctor with an additional $150 dollars and every year reregister and pay $75 dollars for the picture ID weed card. Better smoke that like it's the last on earth.

  4. Big questions: What will this mean for the insane AZ GOP? Will they learn to chill out and enjoy life? Learn to laugh? Enjoy the music of life, with gratitude? Seriously, AZ is one of the most beautiful environments on earth, does not living there impart the slightest joy among these enraged fascists? I can only guess that there could be some revenge upon the white man by the ancient native spirits, with whom I had interaction, some years ago living in Flagstaff. At that time I was driving a truck for Goodwill, driving around northern AZ picking up donations with my sidekick Dennis Charlie, a Navajo. Every Tuesday was Sedona day, so we'd drive 30 miles through Oak Creek Canyon and explore the winding back roads of red rock country. This was before the place became a new age theme park of idiocy, white man wizardry. We went out to the Grand Canyon and filled the whole truck with junk from an old lodge, furniture and shit going back to the 1940s. Of course we got first dibs on any treasure that came in. We didn't steal it, we just asked the guys who did the pricing to give us a consideration. Frowned upon but but overlooked by management because they did it too. That's why the store never had much good stuff, we had all picked through it. The disabled employees were called clients. One was an old man named Victorio, a legend around Flag in the 1970s, he might have been about 60 years old. He had a mental deficiency but his energy was very powerful and he would walk the streets from morning til night picking up trash and sweeping with a passion. Everybody loved him. He was probably Mexican/Apache. Goodwill made sure he had all his needs met, sometimes he would work in the shop, sometimes he would go with me on the truck. I eventually quit Goodwill and moved away and heard later that he had been beaten on the street and killed. It must have crushed that community of Flagstaff. He had spirit of the ancestors. In fact, it was known that he identified with the great Apache warrior Victorio. When asked about it, he would get a wide grin on his face, eyes sparkling. "Yeah!" he said.

  5. Harvest needs to find a new space- they already have made traffic and parking problems for that neighborhood. Then yesterday , with the increased traffic and limited parking there were reports of people having guns drawn in disputes over ( reserved apartment) parking spaces. The dispensary needs to find a space with better parking (OR start taking appointments only) before someone gets hurt by the chaos.
    PS – pro legalization here, also pro common sense and civility too

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